Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting My Spark Back

This semester has been draining. While I really love teaching, the whole process of student teaching and transitioning from college student to working full time while still having college projects to complete has been absolutely exhausting. I know we all have times like this in our lives when life is crazy, the days are long, and we don't know how to balance it all.

That is what my life has been like the past few months and it has taken it's toll. To reference one of my favorite films, I used to be much more...muchier. I've lost my muchness. Obviously, that's not what I want! I need to get my muchness, my spark back so I'm me again. Since this is something I think other people experience as well, I'm sharing what I've been doing to get that spark back!

Getting My Spark Back from Courtney's Little Things

Take Care of Myself

The first thing I started doing was to make it a point to take care of myself. I know this sounds like "well, duh!" but when you're really struggling, taking care of yourself isn't a priority. To make taking care of myself a priority I started putting on more makeup which may seem weird but it made me feel better, keeping a routine to wind down, and trying to prepare good meals for myself. These little things really make a difference.

Keeping My Space Clean

When the physical space around me is a mess I feel more stressed and on edge. Spending a day giving my space a good clean and maintaining that has made me feel so much better! Keeping my space clean makes me feel like I have it together and allows me to focus on what I am doing instead of the mess around me.

Watch Less, Do More

When you work all day, it's easy to come home and want to just tune out and watch TV. While it's totally okay to have a good Netflix binge from time to time, watching TV everyday really doesn't do anything for me - it doesn't fullfill me, it doesn't make me happy. So instead of turning the TV on when I get home, I've been doing something whether it's blogging, reading, or painting.

Get Back into Blogging

Blogging is my favorite hobby. I love writing these posts, taking photos, managing different social medias, and connecting with other bloggers. These past few months though I have let blogging slide a lot and haven't been posting as often as I'd like to or keeping up with my social medias. So I took a few weeks off of publishing new blog posts to put a new game plan together, create and schedule some new posts so I could get ahead, and started focusing more on managing my social medias. Now that I've put blogging back in my life I am so much happier!

Get Creative

I think of myself as a fairly creative person. I'm not going to have my work posted in an art gallery ever, but I like doing creative things whether it be decorating my bullet journal, writing or taking pictures for my blog, doodling, or making an art print to hang up. I enjoy being creative and it's a part of who I am, so I have made it more of a point to set aside time to be creative. This has definitely made a huge difference in my mood since I feel more fulfilled and happy now that I'm creating more again.

Be Honest

Another thing I've started doing is to be more honest about how I'm feeling and what I'm going through. I think there's a lot of pressure to be happy and to be able to manage adulthood after college. Part of this pressure is comparison, part of it is wanting to please my family and not wanting them to worry about me, but a lot of it is self-created pressure. I've started to be more honest with the people I  consider to be my support group - my family and best friend. Just being honest with them and telling them how I'm feeling gives me people who encourage me when I'm having a bad time and support me by letting me know that it's okay to struggle and we all struggle from time to time.

So to get my spark back after a rough time I made taking care of myself a priority, cleaned the space around me, started watching less and doing more, got back into my favorite hobby, spent more time being creative, and have been more honest about my struggles with the people who love and support me. If you're feeling exhausted and struggling, In the 2 weeks I have been doing all of these items I feel like I have gotten my spark back. I hope these things help you to get your spark back, too.

Have you ever felt like you lost your spark? What did you do to get it back? 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Tsum Tsum Collection | Part 2

In April I showed my little TsumTsum collection of 5. Since then it has grown a lot. I can't stop with these - they are so adorable. Whenever I need a little pick me up or just want to buy something cute, these are what I pick up to make me happy.

My TsumTsum Collection from Courtney's Little Things

The original four are Marie from the Aristocats, Dumbo, Meiko (who is not actually a Disney TsumTsum - shh!), and Eeyore. These are still my favorites. They're just so cute and I think because they are my first ones, they just seem to be the most special.

My TsumTsum Collection from Courtney's Little Things

Next I have 2 of the original Disney characters - Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck. I love the Donald TsumTsum and would have the Daisy Duck TsumTsum if only I could find her! 

My TsumTsum Collection from Courtney's Little Things

Inside Out is my favorite recent Disney film, and so I bought my 2 favorite characters from that - Joy and Sadness. Sadness is the character I most identify with (sad, but true), but I also love Joy and how her character grows throughout the film. Anyways, I found these 2 this summer and they're definitely favorites.

My TsumTsum Collection from Courtney's Little Things

I only recently started getting the human characters. My mom and sister started this for me by picking out Grumpy and Ana from Frozen. Obviously if you have Ana, you have to get Elsa so I picked her up and couldn't resist getting Rapunzel from Tangled as well. So now I have 4 human TsumTsum, too!

Another new addition to my TsumTsum collection are a few vinyl TsumTsums. I really like the small soft TsumTsums, but the vinyls are beginning to grow on me! I've gotten 2 - Dumbo and Bambi - from the myster packs which are kind of fun to grab and then see what you have when you get home. I also picked up a little stack since it had Thumper which I needed to go with Bambi and my absolute favorite character - Alice! I have read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and love both the animated and new live action Alice in Wonderland films. I just love her and her imaginary world so I knew I needed to get that little pack which also came with an itty bitty Piglet. How cute!

My TsumTsum Collection from Courtney's Little Things
My TsumTsum Collection from Courtney's Little Things

I love my TsumTsums and hope you enjoyed seeing my little collection. With the holidays coming up, these would also make perfect gifts for any Disney lover! You can get someone their favorite character or all the characters you can find from their favorite Disney movie. 

Do you love TsumTsums? Do you have a similar obsession with a toy or Disney in general? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Signs You're Becoming A Real Adult

I'm starting to see more and more signs in my life that I'm becoming an adult. Like a real adult.

Signs You're Becoming a Real Adult

  1. You know people your age getting married.
  2. People your age are now celebrating marriage anniversaries. 
  3. You know people your age in committed relationships who are having children.
  4. You go to bed before 10 pm. Like way before 10 pm.
  5. You feel like a bad ass if you actually stay up late enough to watch late night TV during the week.
  6. You have a full time job.
  7. You are able to force yourself out of bed every morning to go to said full time job.
  8. You have work friends.
  9. You can cook more than 3 meals.
  10. Sleeping in until 8 am on the weekends is a big deal for you.
  11. Your evening plans include showering/changing into pajamas, cooking dinner, watching an hour of TV, then going to bed.
  12. One of your dreams is to have someone clean your apartment/house for you.
  13. You fondly remember those college days when you had time to nap at least once a week.
  14. You get excited about a plant flowering. (No? Is this one just me?)
  15. You question other people for making unwise financial decisions. 
  16. You and your friends discuss other people's unwise financial decisions.
  17. You have no idea what the young people are saying nowadays. Dab? Gucci? What are they even saying?!
  18. You mention singers, shows, celebrities, etc. to your younger cousins at holidays and they have NO IDEA who you are talking about. How do these kids not know about Glee or Alicia Keys?
  19. At family gatherings you find out that your 5 year old cousin is actually 15 and taking her driver's permit test soon. What!?
  20. You watch the news by choice.
  21. You take interest in the upcoming elections and have actual reasons for why you are for or against a candidate.
  22. When you meet new people you shake hands and make proper introductions.
  23. The handwriting you spent years perfecting in school has been reduced to scribbles.

What are some signs you're becoming a real adult? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

October Favorites

October has been a month. I feel like I'm being negative lately, but I'm just going through a stressful and overwhelming time right now. I'm getting closer and closer to the end of it though. 

I had a stressful time this month when I had a bunch of things due all at the same time and then another difficult/frustrating time when I felt like I wasn't making any progress in one of the classes I'm teaching. Ugh. That was like the worst day. But I have been able to spend more time with my family this month which is so good. It's always so refreshing for me to be able to go home and visit my family on the weekends (even if I drive them nuts sometimes). I've also been taking time to be a bit more creative as of late which is something that I've been missing the past few weeks.

October Favorites


"Closer" by the Chainsmokers and Halsey. This song is my jam right now. Every time it comes on the radio I blast it and I have it on all my playlists at the moment. I can not get enough of this song! It's just so fun and I love both artists. So far, I've really only listened to the Chainsmokers' and Halsey's singles, but I'm going to have to give the rest of their albums a listen because I have a feeling I'll like every song they have!
"Try Everything" by Shakira. This is my inspirational song right now. It's from a children's movie, but I still am just struggling to figure everything out in the adult world so I really identify with this song and it just inspires me to keep going and try everything!


They put a new season of Reign up so I'm all about that, even if it gets more and more inaccurate historically. I highly doubt Queen Elizabeth I brought up living in a patriarchal society when entertaining possible suitors. Nevertheless, I've made it too far to give up now so I must keep watching. It's so good for the drama. You have to experience all the feels.


The Huntsman: Winter's War. I meant to see this movie in the spring, but I just never got around to it. When it came out this month, I rented it from Redbox annd then my mom bought it so I watched it again when I went home one weekend. I liked the first film and thought this one was just as good. I think you have to watch Snow White and The Huntsman first if you haven't seen it to understand all the characters and some of the storyline. Also, Chris Hemsworth.


SNL's takes on the presidential debates/election. Many a night I have found myself in a blackhole of SNL videos on YouTube, and it usually starts with watching SNL's take on the latest political scandal or debate. I have always loved SNL and believe they're at their finest during election season, and this was no exception. I love Kate McKinnon and I love her Hillary. She just does such a good job with the character as does honorary cast member Alec Baldwin as Trump. My personal favorites are the spoof on the first debatefamily feud political edition, and Melanianade.


I have been all about enchiladas this month. Don't ask me why, I just started craving them. And then cooking them once a week.


Going to the pumpkin patch! My family has a favorite pumpkin patch that we visit every year. It's just a small one owned by a family, but they have such a good selection of pumpkins, a super picturesque farm, and really yummy treats to buy as well. I got to go with all my siblings which was very special since I hadn't seen 2 of my siblings for 2 months! We also ran into a former teacher we all had and it was so nice to see him, too.


My favorite photos from this month are these 3 that I took when I had to return to my college campus for a day. This is my favorite little patch of wildflowers that I've taken pictures of every fall, so it was nice to see them again this year and enjoy how pretty the campus is!


This month I needed a little blog inspiration, and I got it from Jemma's blog, Dorkface. It was just what I needed to spend some time looking at, too. I love her blog design - just the right combination of girly, fun, yet still a clean look. Her bright, cheery photos are something I love and make me want to take a few photos myself! I also love how well she is able to balance the personal with helpful posts. That is very difficult to do as a lifestyle blogger! Of course, Jemma's blog is also pretty inspiring to since she has been able to do so much with it including blog full time and create a positive group - the girl gang - which she puts so much time into. All of that just makes me want to blog more so her blog has got me excited to put out some good stuff this month!

What are some of your favorites this month? Have you been loving any of the same things as me this month? Let me know in the comments!