Saturday, July 30, 2016

Back to School Haul | Dollar Store Edition

I've always loved back to school season - new clothes, new shoes, and new school supplies! This year I wanted to see what kinds of school supplies I could get at the dollar stores in my area. I went to Dollar General and Dollar Tree for these school supplies I'm happy with what I got - I definitely found some cute school supplies - and I only spent $31.41 total.

Cute and functional school supplies for less money

First up I'll show you what I got from Dollar General - which is where I got most of my supplies.

The first thing I got was a set of mint and white polka dot file folder and desktop organizer for my desk at school. Both of these also have chalkboard labels on them which is a nice touch. 

The desktop organizer will be perfect for holding pens, sticky notes, and other stationary bits. The file folder isn't big enough to hold the binders and folders I have, but it is big enough to hold loose papers, books, and the like so I will use it for that sort of thing. 

Back to School | Dollar Store Edition

This semester I've decided to go with a binder system for organizing school papers. So to help with that I bought two 1.5 inch binders in green and blue. I also picked up a pack of 20 sheet protectors since I like to use those to keep important papers safe and to make dividers.

I'm also trying out something new this semester - using a bullet journal for school rather than a planner. Still, it's nice to have something to plan ahead on so when I saw the binder calendars, I knew I had to get one! I chose the chevron print but they had binder calendars in stripes and animal print as well if that's more your style. 

Back to School | Dollar Store Edition
Back to School | Dollar Store Edition

I picked up blue and green folders to match the binders (can you tell I'm color coding?). They're plastic which I always like since it makes them sturdier and they hold up better throughout the school year. Another nice thing about these folders is that as well as keeping paper in the folders on the sides, you can keep 3 hole punched paper in the center.

Back to School | Dollar Store Edition
Back to School | Dollar Store Edition

I also picked up some pens since I tell myself you can never have too many. I love having colored pens so I picked a pack of 8 colored pens from BIC. I've had these before and they write pretty well for the price. I also bought a pack of 2 black pilot pens. I've used these before too and can tell you that the promise on the package that they're the longest lasting pens is accurate. 

Back to School | Dollar Store Edition
Back to School | Dollar Store Edition

Now let's see what I got from Dollar Tree! At this store I mostly just got a few sticky note accessories. Like pens, you can never have to many stickies!

I grabbed a pack of chevron sticky notes. The color doesn't show up very well in the photo, but the sticky notes have pale pink, blue, and green chevron stripes. I like the different sizes and colors in this pack.

I also grabbed a pack of 4 mini sticky notes in bright colors and the cutest mini arrow sticky notes! The arrows are a slicker material and tiny enough that you probably won't be using them to write notes on without a permanent marker. However, they're perfect for marking important info in your notes, planner or bullet journal, or textbook! I like the different colors and patterns of the arrows - they have stirpes, polka dots and even little paw prints on them!

Back to School | Dollar Store Edition

The last thing I picked up were these days of the week sticky notes. I thought these were so perfect for using to mark the day in my bullet journal this semester! The material of the sticky notes is once again a bit slicker so you need to use a permanent marker to write the date on them. 

Back to School | Dollar Store Edition

That's what I got for the new semester! I'm really happy with everything I got and think they'll be perfect for helping me get through this semester. 

PS: This is not a sponsored post - I just wanted you to know where I got these goodies from!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

I moved into my new apartment - my first one by myself - at the start of July. Before moving in I was a bit nervous about living without anyone else and being all by myself, but it has been pretty great to be honest. I like being able to be messy if I want to, but if I clean the space stays clean. I like that I can sleep in or stay up and no one says anything. Sometimes I do get a bit lonely, but luckily my family is just an hour away so they visit a lot and I go home sometimes, too. But mostly I love having my own space and I love having people over and sharing it.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

I've been working on making apartment look Pinterest worthy. I bought a few pieces, a few are from my past apartment, and a few pieces are hand me downs. I think they all mix together pretty well and come together to make my apartment feel homey - and it's only been a month! So let's get to it and take a peek at my bedroom!

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

My "office" area is probably my favorite part of my room. I think this looks like it's straight off of Pinterest and that thrills me. The desk (available here), the wall art above it (minus the calendar), and the pillow are new. I love the gallery wall above the desk. All the white gives it a really clean look, but the painting adds the perfect pop of color.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

On the right side of my desk I have some flowers, a silver owl, and a silver candle holder with a Paradise Passion soy candle. I'll let you in on a secret - the flowers are fake, but they look so pretty and kind of mirror the painting on the wall. All these items I already had on hand.

On the other side of my desk is basically the planning station. I keep my Happy Planner on the left side of the desk and if I'm not using my bullet journal it stays there, too. I have the white mug with blue hearts on that side, too. I've always used a mug to hold my pens, but right now it just holds my scissors, stylus, and favorite pen. I also have a little square white dish to hold little bits.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

The desk has 3 drawers. They're thin drawers, but I like that because then I don't have to sift through piles of notebooks and such to get what I want. 

In the large middle drawer I keep all the essentials - my box of colored pens, my bullet journal for student teaching, the note pads I'm currently using, and a few prints I use sometimes for blog photos.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

In the drawer on the left side I have my collection of pretty paper and binder clips, stapler and pencil sharpener, USB drives, and one more stack of sticky notes. Just to be safe. 

That is basically the office area. Beneath the window that lets in lots of great light (as you will see in the photos), is a large oak chest with photos, a few trinkets, and a lamp on it.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

Before I talk more about what's on the desk, I have to tell you why this chest is so special - my grandpa made it. That's right! This was handcrafted (lovingly, I like to think) by my grandpa years ago. It's so beautiful and, despite being a few decades old, has barely a scratch on it. 

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

On top of my beautiful chest I have only a few things, but just like the chest they mean a lot to me. The photos are my favorites of my time studying abroad in Costa Rica. Next to the photos I have some gifts from friends. 

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

Above the chest on the window sill I have 2 little quote prints(blocks?). I got these from Hobby Lobby earlier this summer. I love how positive and cheerful they are! They both have the watercolor and pink I have throughout my room. Plus the one has my favorite saying - enjoy the little things. 

Next to this little area I have my bed. The bedding is all new with the exception of my body pillow and pink pillow which were both in my past apartment. 

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

The duvet cover is from Ikea. I like that it looks clean and white, but when you look closely it has little stripes on it. It just adds a little texture and something extra to it without being too much.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

The white pillow (which is the same as the one on my desk chair) is from Target. I like the little white circles on it. It kind of has a shabby chic vibe which I like.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

Across from my bed I have another little gallery wall. The art is a DIY I did last summer (see how I made the pieces here) and the dream catcher is from my trip to Colorado last summer.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom
2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

You made it through! This was a long post with lots of photos, but I just wanted to show you everything!  I hope you liked taking a look at my bedroom. Personally I love it and I know I always love looking at room tours so I hope you do too! I will try to get a tour of the rest of my apartment up soon.

What do you think of my bedroom? Do you love room tours, too? Let me know what you think in the comments!

PS For a video tour of my bedroom, add me on Snapchat - CourtneyLThings!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Night Time Routine for Better Sleep

I am super guilty of watching shows on Netflix until I fall asleep. Definitely not the best way to sleep! When I follow a more structured night time routine and give myself time to slowly shut down I sleep so much better. Since I got a request from one of my blog friends, Arianne, for a bed time routine for a good night's sleep I'm sharing what works best for me in hopes that it will help you and everyone else out there!

Night Time Routine for Better Sleep

Get ready an hour before you want to sleep.

If you want to be asleep by 11, start getting ready at 10. Shut down your laptop or turn off the TV, put on your pajamas, brush your teeth, take off your make-up - whatever you like to do to get ready for bed. If you like to shower in the evening or do a little yoga you might want to start getting reading a bit earlier so you can still enjoy that part of your routine.

Set your alarm.

This could just be me, but I always feel better if I know my alarm is set for the next day. I hate being rushed in the morning, so just double checking that my alarm is ready to go for the next day helps me sleep better.

Put your phone down.

I usually do one last scroll through social media and then I set it to charge on my desk across the room from my bed. It's better to just put your phone out of reach if, like me, you just can't help but scroll through "one last time" before going to sleep.


Reading a book for 30 minutes before bed seems to really help me wind down and sleep better. I'd recommend reading a physical book and giving your eyes a break from the light of a screen before bed, but this is up to you. 

Listen to instrumental or ambient music.

I like having some sound as I go to bed; otherwise I just end up thinking too much or I notice every single sound outside my apartment! I know for some people just having a fan blowing is enough, but I prefer having music. I listen to Spotify playlists like Deep Focus or Peaceful Piano. They also have playlists with storms and other sounds if that suits you better. 

PS Spotify isn't sponsoring this, I just really like their ready-made playlists.

Lights out!

Hopefully after following this routine you're feeling calm, relaxed, and ready for bed. Usually after following this routine all I have to do is turn off my lamp, find a comfortable spot on my bed, close my eyes, and I'm out! If it's not quite that easy sometimes I find it helps to focus on taking 10 deep breaths since slowing your breathing helps you get to sleep (really it does). Normally I'm out before I finish the first 10 breaths, but if not I just repeat it a few times.

I hope this helps if you're struggling to get to sleep or not getting restful sleep. This routine helps me get great sleep when I follow it, so if you're struggling with sleep give this a try for a week or so and let me know if it works for you!

Do you have a night time routine? What are your tips for a better night's sleep?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 49

This has been a really good week. Since I realized that I start student teaching in just 4 weeks, I thought it was time to get to work. I put together a binder for each of the classes I'll be teaching (Spanish I and Spanish III) and started looking at the projects I'll have to complete during my student teaching for certification. I also had some fun and made it to not one but TWO movies this week - crazy! I went to see Ghostbusters on Tuesday with my brother and then on Thursday I went to see The Secret Life of Pets with my family. Definitely a fun and productive week!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 49

Friday I started off my weekend by going out for Chinese food with my family. When I got back to my apartment I did some planning and watched some TV before calling it a night.

Saturday I spent the afternoon watching sports, much to my own amazement. I'm just not much of a sports fan - there's only a few that I really watch. One of those is X Games type sports - which just so happened to be on TV. So I watched that and then a documentary about the history of sports teams in Cleveland came on and I found myself liking that show, too. I also took some blog photos and started writing a few posts in the afternoon, too.

Sunday my sister came to spend the night. We went to a few stores and out to dinner before renting a few movies from Redbox. We picked a few movies that I've been wanting to see but hadn't been able to yet - Sisters, Joy, and Straight Outta Compton. Sisters was so funny - Tina and Amy are my favorite best friend duo and I always love seeing them together. It was also fun to watch Sisters with my sister (even if we're really not like either of the sisters). Joy was a good drama, but a bit depressing for the majority of it. I saved Straight Outta Compton for Monday and this drama was more my type. It just seemed to have more heart and action to it than Joy (in my opinion).

Since my sister was over for the night, I didn't write up the weekend wrap up in time so sorry it's up a bit late!

How was your weekend? Have you seen any good movies or spent time with any of your favorite people lately? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Planner Decorating Essentials

I've been decorating my planner for over a year now. While decorating a planner is definitely not for everyone, it is for me. For me it works as a stress relief activity and is something I enjoy doing each week. If you're interested in decorating your planner, here are my favorite things to use!

My Planner Decorating Essentials


Washi tape is like the best part of life. So many colors, so many patterns. Most of the time I get mine from Michael's and Target. In my planner I mostly use washi tape to cover the "morning" and "evening" headings in my happy planner. I also use it to make little banners for birthdays and weekends. 


Stickers are my favorite part of decorating my planner! This is where my addiction to planner decorating really lies. I use stickers from places like Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Michael's for cute decorative stickers - although Michael's is starting to get more planner stickers in stock (which is super exciting for me). I can barely make it out of these stores without picking up a few more stickers. Planner stickers I get mostly from Etsy shops. Some of my favorites are It's Planning Time, Sweet Kawaii Designs, and Sticker Bloom.

Colored Pens

Even when I didn't decorate my planner, I still used all the colored pens. I've found that color coding my classes is the best way for me to stay organized with 5 or 6 different classes each semester. Along with color coding, I also love using colored pens just to add a splash of color to my planner. You can find colored pens at just about any store that has a stationary section. I like to use my Papermate Flairs and Pilot G-2-07s and both are pretty easy to find in lots of different colors.

Other fun supplies for decorating your planner are stamps, page flags, sticky notes, and cute paper clips (you can get cat shaped paper clips). 

Do you decorate your planner? What do you like to use to personalize your planner and make it look cute?

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

20+ Reasons Why I'm A Bad Blogger

I try my best with my blog - I try to write good posts, edit my writing before publishing, take decent blog photos, spend time editing photos, and schedule my content in advance - but I'm still far from perfect with blogging (as I'm sure you've already figured out). Today I just felt like talking about a few ways that I'm a bad blogger.

  1. I don't comment on other people's blogs enough.
  2. There are blogs I read every day, but never comment on.
  3. I'm guilty of only posting promo tweets in a day.
  4. I have ignored my Instagram for a full weekend.
  5. I've gone weeks without joining a single Twitter chat.
  6. I don't search for new people to follow on social media very often.
  7. My pictures are not bright and crisp enough.
  8. I forget about #FF all the time, and then feel bad that I didn't give anyone a shout out.
  9. I am way behind on reading all the blogs I follow.
  10. I don't have one niche.
  11. About once a month I have a moment where I think I've used up all my good ideas for blog posts and have nothing more to write about.
  12. I rarely comment on other people's Instagrams.
  13. I rarely reply to comments on my Instagram. What am I supposed to say to "👍👍"??
  14. I don't have an Instagram theme that I stick to consistently.
  15. I get on Twitter to post something more personal about my day, but then I just end up scrolling through all the different gifs for 5 minutes before closing the app without posting anything.
  16. I don't dress nice enough to do an #OOTD or #FOTD photo each day.
  17. When people talk about highlighters, I assume they're referring to the kind you use while studying, not a makeup product.
  18. I don't read new blogs very often.
  19. I've never been to a blogger meet up.
  20. I forget to take photos for my weekend wrap ups more often than not.
  21. I don't have any of those cool pineapple candles you see in blog photos all the time. 
  22. Every year blogtober and blogmas come around and I dream about doing these challenges, but never do them.
  23. Sometimes I suck at sticking to a posting schedule.
  24. I have gone weeks without publishing a new blog post. You know how unintended blogging breaks are.
  25. I totally under-utilize Pinterest. It's the social media channel I forget about most often. Oops!

So now you know I'm a bad blogger. The thing is, I don't feel too bad about it. This blog is just a hobby for me and I don't see myself ever using it as my main source of income. I have other parts of my life that I put first *cue Beyonce's "I Ain't Sorry."*

Did you like this post? Are you a bad blogger too? Let me know in the comments!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What It Means to Be Prepared for Class

People are always telling you to "be prepared for class" and to "come to class prepared," but what exactly does that mean? Now maybe you know, you've been through the school system and you've figured it out. But maybe you've made it through the school system and still have no idea what your parents and teachers mean when they say those phrases. Well as a college student and future teacher, I am here to help you figure out what the heck those people are talking about! Here's what I would say it means to "be prepared for class."

What It Means to Be Prepared for Class

Review your notes from the previous class beforehand.

Preview the material for today's lecture. If your teacher follows the textbook, take a look at vocab words and the headings in that chapter. If your teacher posts notes or powerpoints online ahead of time, read through those and print them off. 

Shower and put yourself together - get dressed, brush your hair, wash your face and whatever else you like so you don't show up to class looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Eat breakfast or lunch beforehand. You won't be able to concentrate in class if you're just thinking about what you're going to eat after class, and nobody else will be able to concentrate in class if you're eating during lecture (especially if it's something good).

Arrive 5-10 minutes early to class.

Have your supplies up and on the table/desk. Get out your pens/pencils, notebook, folder, highlighters, laptop - whatever you use in that class!

Eliminate distractions. Put away your cell phone, close out of your facebook/twitter/whatever tab.

Be ready to learn. When you're in the lecture haul, it's time to focus. At the very least, respect that your teacher is in front of you, sharing their knowledge with you and your classmates. The best way to respect that then to pay attention - look at your teacher, take notes, keep your phone in your bag, and ask questions if you have any!

I hope this post helps you out and has better explained what it means to "be prepared for class." If you have anything else you would add to this list of what it means to be prepared, let me know in the comments!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Weekend To Do List for Self Care

Today I'm starting a new series called My Weekend To Do List. If you've been reading for a while, you know I have a soft spot in my heart for making lists, especially to do lists. I'm going to try to put out one of these posts each month with a different theme. This month it's self-care!

Self-care is something I think is really important. Making time for self-care each day is something that has greatly helped my mental health and helps me to keep up with the daily chaos of life. It helps me to stay positive and be productive when I need to be. However, sometimes life gets busy and self-care (sadly) gets pushed aside during the week. That's when it's super important for me to make time for it on the weekend.

My Weekend To Do List for Self Care

Watch a movie.

The first thing I like to do on the weekend for self-care is to just watch a movie. It can be one I already have, a pick from Netflix, or even a new movie I pick up from Redbox. I like to watch a comedy or animated film for a bit of lighthearted start to my weekend.

Have a lie in.

Even if you can't sleep in, every one can enjoy a good lie in on the weekend. Just stay in bed for a bit longer than usual - scroll through social media or watch some Netflix in bed. 

Take a long shower (or bath).

Indulging in a nice long shower on the weekend is so good. Really lather up and scrub away the troubles of the week. When you step out, put on your favorite lotion and anything else you like for a bit of pampering.

Cook a good meal.

During the week it's easy to skimp out on cooking proper meals, but there's really no excuse on your days off. Prepare a meal from scratch or cook one of your favorites. Don't forget to include lots of vegetables and some fruit to make it healthy!


This can be different for everyone, and for me what I choose to create often depends on my mood. Painting, drawing, decorating a planner or bullet journal, taking photos, writing, blogging, crocheting - so many choices! Being creative is good for your soul, no matter which method suits you best.

Get moving.

If the weather cooperates, going for a walk is my preferred way to get moving. I just like exploring and it's always a good excuse for taking photos. Another way I like to get moving, especially with self-care in mind, is to do yoga. Stretching, moving my body in different ways, and focusing on my breathing is so calming. 


Reading a good book is probably the best weekend activity. Whether you prefer sitting down with a good book, blog reading, or scrolling through other articles online, reading is so good. This year I'm focusing on reading more books and I love sitting down for an hour with one of the books I'm currently reading (I'm in the midst of two books at the moment!).

Straighten up.

When my space is a mess, my head is a mess! Having a clean space just lets me feel more at ease and helps me focus better. During the week it's easy for me to just leave things around the apartment - a pair of shoes here, a cup there, clothes on the floor and not in the laundry basket - you know how it is! On the weekend a good tidy can do a world of good for both my apartment and myself.

Those are the things I like to do for a good self-care weekend. What do you like to do for self-care? Do you make time for it on the weekends?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Hobbies & Why You Should Have One

As much fun as scrolling through social media and binge-watching your current show on Netflix can be, sometimes it's good to get off the couch (or out of bed) and, you know, actually do something. That's where having a hobby comes in. 

My Hobbies & Why You Should Have One

Having a hobby sounds a bit old-fashioned for some reason, but really it's just anything that you love to do whether that's running, painting, or playing video games.

My Hobbies & Why You Should Have One

Doing these hobbies is always a part of my de-stress and self-care time. I make time to do at least one of these activities each day, and on the weekend I try to do more of them. It makes me so happy to do one of these projects, plus I usually feel accomplished after painting a new canvas to hang up in my apartment, finding a new hiking trail, or writing a new post for my blog. I don't get that feeling after laying in bed all day with Netflix.

Now I'm not necessarily good at all these hobbies and I definitely don't do them all regularly, but that's not the point. You don't have to be "good" to call something your hobby. You could've failed art class back in school, but still love doodling little characters all evening. You could read one book a year, but if it's something you enjoy doing you can still consider it a hobby. You don't have to meet a certain quota or do it x times a week for it to be a "true" hobby. There really should be no pressure, because chances are you're doing it mainly for yourself. You do your best at these projects because you like doing them, and in the end that's what really matters. 

What are your hobbies? Do you make time for them each week or is it rare that you let yourself indulge in doing them? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. For the best list of hobbies and another perspective on why they're important, check out this post.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

25 Things That Make Me Happy

One of the things that everyone needs more of in life is happiness. I'm not sure anyone would argue with that statement. In hopes of spreading around a bit more happiness, I thought I'd share a few things that make me happy and encourage you to do the same. Writing each item on this list gave me a little burst of happiness and it's nice to have this list to look back on when I'm having a bad day. It's also been fun to think of more things to add to my list of happy things. These are a few things that can always bring a smile to my face.

25 Things That Make Me Happy

Pusheen the cat
Good books
Ice cream on a hot day
Cuddles with my cat
Fresh baked cookies (preferably chocolate chip cookies)
Time with friends
Fresh bedding
Having a clean home/room/desk
Gallery walls
Sunsets that make the world feel magical
Getting nice comments on my blog
When someone gives me a retweet
House plants
Buying gifts
Seeing my cat all curled up sleeping
Soft blankets
Yellow houses
Disney tsum tsums
Lunch dates
Designing pages in my bullet journal
Decorating my planner

What are a few things that make you happy? Let me know in the comments.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 48

This week for me personally has been really good. I've been enjoying my new apartment and getting everything just right. I know this is weird, but I like having my own space to clean and organize. I also love decorating a new place and I've enjoyed having time alone, too. I haven't been lonely though because I had family over just about every other day. That has to be the best thing about only living an hour away from my family's house.

If you pay attention to what has been happening in the US this week, not so good. I don't usually write about politics on the blog or on my social media, but I've made an exception for what's been going on this week. I don't like offending others, but seeing 2 people needlessly gunned down by police was extremely unsettling and heartbreaking and it shouldn't be offensive to call out the violence that anyone who watches the videos can easily see. I'm not quite sure what is so offensive to people admitting that people who are paid to protect us are actually perpetrating violence against members of our community, admitting that racism is still rampant and evident in our society, or acknowledging that the two are intertwined? 

Of course stating the cruel and inhumane treatment of these and other victims of police brutality had to be made further controversial by someone, unconnected to either movement, shooting and killing police at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas. While the actions of the police officers who killed Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling were despicable, not all police officers are responsible and their actions in any case should not be responded to with more violence. And most people agree with that statement and many of those who want to see a change in the US justice system are trying to do so peacefully through writing, using social media, and protesting.

Now I don't have any wise words or solutions to this giant problem at hand. I don't know how ordinary people are supposed to change huge societal institutions, but I know using the voice we are given is one way. And I know that spreading a little bit of love and happiness is another way. And I know some people are doing amazing things with GoFundMe accounts for the families of those killed this week. 

I don't have a better way to end that little piece and hopefully I haven't lost you because now I am going to move on to talking about how I spent my weekend!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 48

Friday my dad surprised me with an impromptu visit since he was in the area for work. It was nice to see him and be able to talk to him about things, especially since he and I are the worst at texting or calling each other! Later on in the evening I painted a bit with my watercolors and watched the Vikings Season 2 dvd set that I picked up on Thursday. I don't know what it is about this show, but I love it. Since I've had the season 1 set for awhile and I do not have cable in my apartment, I decided to splurge and  buy season 2 and 3 of Vikings. I normally don't binge watch shows, but I watched all of season 2 this weekend so I'm guessing season 3 will follow shortly.

Saturday I tried to dress up a bit since I was going to be spending the day with my mom, sister, and grandma. They came up to go to a flea market and lunch so I went with. We had fun walking around the flea market and we each got at least one thing. Then we went out to lunch before heading to my apartment to visit. My grandma loved my place and we had a nice time talking. 

My sister decided to stay with me when my mom and grandma left, so her and I ran a few errands and watched a bit of Netflix. We watched Beyond the Lights which was a pretty good movie and one that I've been meaning to watch for a while. We also watched an episode of Reign and I believe I now have my sister hooked on it. 

After dinner she and I headed back to my family's house where I met the little kitten who they adopted after he showed up on the door step this week. My brothers named him Henry and he is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I had so much fun playing with him!

Sunday was very laid back. I spent the night so in the morning I played with Henry a bit more, spent some time with everyone, enjoyed lunch made by my mom, and then grabbed a few more things to take back to my apartment. Once I made it back to the apartment I spent the afternoon editing photos, writing and editing posts, and ended the weekend by finishing up season 2 of Vikings.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48

How was your weekend? Did you have any fun outings or binge watch any good shows? Let me know in the comments! And of course feel free to share your thoughts on what's been happening in the US recently - just be respectful!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ways to be Organized in College

In college I've found that it is super important to be organized. Unlike in high school when your teachers give you gentle reminders of when your next test is and class time to work on your projects, everything is up to you in college! You have to keep track of dates for all your classes, make the time to study, and set up group meeting times. It can be overwhelming to keep track of everything and stay organized, even if you generally consider yourself an organized person. I thought I'd share my best tips to help you stay organized in college now, so you'll be fully prepared when classes start!

Ways to Be Organized in College

Keep copies of your syllabi.

In high school you may have been able to take the syllabus, have your parent sign a copy, and toss it, but do not do that in college! If your professor doesn't give you a paper copy of the syllabus in class, take the time to find it on your class site and print it off. The syllabus will have all the important info like a class calendar, grading scale, attendance policy, and office hours.

Use a planner. 

I have no idea how anyone can make it through college without a planner of some sort. Whether it's a traditional planner, the calendar app on your phone, or a bullet journal - as long as it helps you stay on top of all those readings, assignments, papers, projects, and tests.

Write down due dates. 

In that planner make sure you write down due dates. I always write the due date and a reminder a week before it's due.

Keep a folder/binder for each class.

To keep all my class papers organized I have a separate folder for each class. Generally a folder works to keep the class syllabus, notes for the current exam, and any handouts for the current section. If the class is cumulative or requires a lot of note taking, I find a binder works better to hold everything. Whether you use a folder or a binder, I find it really helps to keep your notes and papers separate for each class so you don't have to look through a huge stack of notes from all your classes to find what you need.

Pack your bag the night before. 

Your classes probably change every other day (MWF and TR classes, plus maybe a few once a week classes). I don't see the point in killing my back by keeping all my books in my backpack at all times. I pack my bag with the notebooks, folders, and books I'll need for class each night. Even if you keep everything in your bag, it's still a good idea to double check that you have everything the night before. You'd hate to get to class and realize you forgot your paper at home!

Create a study routine.

It is really important to make time for studying in college. It's important that you study a little bit each day because it helps you learn the information better and will make the week of your test much less stressful. The easiest way to make sure you study a little bit each day is to create a study routine. 

The way I tend to structure my study routine is by having an hour each day that I use to focus on studying for one class. So if I have 6 classes, Monday I might study English for one hour, Tuesday I'll study Economics for one hour and Government for an hour since I have less classes. If I have a night class on Wednesday I'll just make sure I do what has to get done that day and take some time to relax, Thursday I'll study for my Spanish class for an hour and spend another hour studying for my Literature class and then Friday I'll spend an hour studying for Biology. Hopefully all of that makes sense! Basically I work my study routine around my schedule so I'm not overwhelmed with studying on one day.

Those are my best tips for staying organized in college. I hope they help you out! If you have any other college organization tips, mention them in the comments!